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Purrincup was started November 2010 and it's purpose was to rejoin the blogging community to share my food adventures, shopping hauls, beauty reviews, and daily life. My hope is that visitors come here to check out my beauty/shopping hauls and reviews, enjoy looking at pictures from my adventures, and just getting to know me.

About Cindii
Herro, I'm Cindii! I'm a happily married woman, scientist/engineer/nerd, a part-time hobby enthusiast, and pretend food expert. I graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and I live in Northern California. I work in biotech. In my spare time I blog, duh.

Some of my favorite things
bunnies, jewelry, pastel colors, iPhone, tea, photography, travel, exploring new places with my hubby, DIY & crafts, handmade goodies, and sushi

Currently obsessed with
cheesecake, backyard landscaping, Vine, buying cute workout clothes, and moscato d'asti