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100 Happy Days - Week 03

Herro readers! Thank you to those who still read this blog. I know I haven't given you guys much to follow lately. Leave it to me to get lazy. Although it's not because I'm lazy but rather tired at the end of the day. I've been doing yoga after work and by the time I come home I still need to cook dinner and do things around the house. My summer vegetable garden is really taking off but that means I need to spend almost everyday picking and pruning.

Recently hubs and I just got back from a vacation. If you follow my instagram you'd know where I went! I'll be sharing info about our vacation soon. For now, let's look back on some happy days!

+ We went on a double day with another couple to a local vineyard! You can read about it here. I would love to do some more wine tasting this summer.

+ Our other friends went on a trip to Oregon and brought back some Voodoo donuts for us. What a treat! I got the bubble gum donut. Really yummy~

+ I saw this cute tutorial at Michael's and wanted to try making this for myself. It's a cupcake dishcloth.

+ On a random weekday hubs and I went to try a new sushi place. Really beautiful chirashi! I'm currently obsessed with chirashi and get it wherever I can.

+ I love my yoga clothes. Wish I could wear them all day every day!

+ After a 4 hour bike ride with the hubs I got this tan line. Ew.

+ Took hubs' mom out for Mother's Day to dim sum. Got some egg tarts, my favorite!

+ Received a goody in the mail from People magazine. I'll post a review of the items soon. I received it as a klout perk.

+ Had lunch with my mom and got some chirashi. Noms~