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100 Happy Days - Week 02

Okay, so I'm a little behind on posting these. Slowly but surely I'll get through these 100 days!! I think if I could all my pictures would be from my backyard. It's just so easy to take pictures of my plants. Anyways, happy viewing!

+ For a while I was on this wine obsession. I was mostly just buying the cheapest wines I could find. This one is Oak Leaf and it's about $2 from Walmart.

+ I have a blueberry plant that I bought last year. This is the first year that it's blooming for me. I was so happy to see so many little berries. I love blueberries!!

+ I started some veggie seedling in a used egg carton. Can't wait to be eating my own home grown veggies and grilling them.

+ My persimmon tree was blooming too but I didn't know it at first. They kind of bloom in a weird way. First it's a noticeable cluster of leaves then small green bulbs form, and then finally it'll have a flower. So weird!

+ Found this free printable and thought it would be cute to put in the bedroom. Just a reminder to be happy and be grateful.

+ I made those 1000 stars back in high school. My wish was to meet a guy who would love me and help me grow. Wish granted!

+ I bought another Golden Tote. Hehe, just a little treat for myself. I like the Cali bag and the items I got were awesome. More pics on those soon and maybe a review.

+ The dessert from our anniversary dinner. Best mousse bomb ever! I also really love when restaurants write messages like that on the dessert, really makes it that much more special.

+ I recently won a giveaway for The Artwerks. I used my gift to get a new colorful necklace. Great for spring and summer!!

That concludes the 2nd week. Have you started the challenge? It's not too late!

100 Happy Days - Week 01


One week has passed since I started this challenge! You can read all about it here. I thought it would be a little tough to remember to take a picture every day, but so far it's going well. Just one thing that makes me happy each day. Really makes me look at the little things in life and just to be grateful for what/who I have in my life.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

one. Hubs and I attended a Yelp event at the Capital Dime. I love when I get to bring hubs along to these events. It's like sharing with him something I enjoy doing. Although this event wasn't the greatest, it was a nice break from our regular schedule.

two. My current fave nail polish/color. Orchid is the Pantone color for 2014!

three. Hubs had a ton of points on his Dave & Buster's card so on a whim we went. It happened to be raining hard that day and there also happened to be a tornado warning in that particular area. I took a look at the prizes and I immediately knew I wanted this. Thank you hubby!! I named him Bubs.

four. I love artichokes. Hubs has an aversion to them, but I found this yummy grilled recipe and now hubs is ok with eating them. Goes really well with some homemade garlic aioli sauce!

five. Relaxed on a Friday evening playing some Hearthstone. It's a good nice when my wins outnumber my losses.

six. When I have time, I really enjoy making breakfast on Saturdays. This particular Saturday I decided to make pancakes for hubs because he loves pancakes. I made banana flavored dark chocolate chip pancakes for him. He loved it! Success!

seven. I made a small trip to Lowe's. I was actually looking for some citronella plants but they were out of stock. Instead I discovered this lovely plant. I never knew what fuschia looked like. It's so pretty! So I bought myself 1 for the backyard.

eight. Tazo's chocolate mint tea is a treat. Sometimes a good cup of tea is all you need.

nine. Spring is here!! After the rain went away I took a look around my garden. The peaches are growing very well. There's a sense of pride from growing your own food.

That concludes the first week. Have you started the challenge? It's not too late!