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Beauty Wishlist for 2016

Well, it's the end of the year. As we are getting ready for a kick-ass NYE party and thinking about resolutions for 2016, I've actually been thinking about beauty and skincare. Lately I've been obsessed with tinted lip balms and fancy hand lotions.

Korean brand products are very popular right now. So much so that Sephora is know selling TONYMOLY products! I love Asian skinare and beauty products because not only is the packaging super adorbs but the products smell great and promote healthy glowing skin.

As I already mentioned, I'm obsessed with lippies. I'm currently trying to collect more Sugar Lip Treatments by Fresh. I like the shades that make my lips look natural, lush, and fresh. 

Finally, one last thing I've been wanting since forever. A Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay. I don't usually wear make up, but when I do I like to wear neutral colors. 

Yup these are my #goals for 2016 as far as beauty and skincare goes. What about you? Is there something you're wishing for?