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Annd she's back!

Hello, have you missed me? I pretty much left this blog untouched for all of 2015. Why? Probably because I've been lazy AF. The year sure did fly by. At the start of 2015 there was a lot of turmoil in regards to my career status, but the heavens aligned and that was resolved. Again I started a new job. This time in the Bay Area - kinda feels like I'm back at square one.

The past few months have also been a roller coaster for me as I started having health problems. For now I can say that I feel fine and nothing is freaking me out. I was quite depressed since I wasn't able to keep any food down and couldn't sleep very well. Hopefully in 2016 I can be a healthier me.

Hubs and I did have a lot of fun adventures though, which I'll share in more detail later on. We took a big trip to Florida where we went to Disney World, a cruise, and the Bahamas! We went to Vegas TWICE this year. Quite frankly, I'm over it. Next year we already have two trips lined up. We are going on another cruise and spending some time in the warm sun in Maui.

Also, big news! My homie-g Tiff got engaged this year and will be getting married in 2016 AND I will be matron of honor a.k.a good fortune woman. So much to do so little time!

Hopefully 2016 will be the year I commit to blogging again. We'll see how that goes~