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5 Places to Brunch in Sacramento

I don't know about you, but brunch is one of my favorite meals. Why? One. Going to have brunch means you're a lucky SoB that got to sleep in (otherwise you'd be eating breakfast). Two. Brunch is breakfast items which I love or sandwich burgers that have runny yolk goodness. Three. All the carbs and all the bacon!

The Sacramento area has a lot of great hidden gems for such a grand meal. Here are a few of my favorites!

Tower Cafe
Hands down this is my most favorite place to go for brunch. Located next to the iconic Tower movie theater near downtown Sacramento. This place offers a quirky atmosphere, a great love for food, and warm hospitality. I'm always made to feel like I'm going get a lot of food and that the food will be amazing.

My favorite dish is the Madame Cristo. Tower Cafe's Famous French Toast stuffed with sliced ham and swiss cheese then topped with two over-medium eggs with creamy bechamel and chipotle-raspberry jam. This enough for hubs and I to share and we're always clutching our bellies as we walk out after our meal.

Also noteworthy is their french toast!

Bacon and Butter
Are you a hipster or enjoy dining in a hipster environment? Well this is the place for you! B&B believes in hands on, artisan cookery. Their cuisine is California farm-to-table, and they cook their dishes from scratch and each plate is made to order.

The dish I love here is their Grilled Cheese Benedict. When it comes to brunch I usually order an eggs benedict - because who doesn't love poached eggs? What's unique about this dish is the grilled cheese instead of the traditional english muffin. AND they use challah bread. If you haven't had challah brea, try it! It'll change your life.

Fox & Goose
This place has a small cult following and swear by this place for breakfast/brunch. It's got that English Pub vibe. Not only is this a good place for brunch, but it also has a great night scene. Local bands play here and it's just a fun place to chill.

They have quite an extensive menu, but again I get the Benedict Arnold. Consists of two poached eggs and your choice of Canadian bacon, bacon, house roasted corned beef, fresh spinach, tempeh strips or tomatoes on an English muffin, served with Welsh rarebit cheese sauce!

Dad's Kitchen
This place has now become a local chain, and it was even featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives. One dish that stands out to me is Dad's Fresh Toast - brioche bread with sliced bananas, orange zest syrup, and your choice of bacon, Black Forest ham, or chicken jalapeƱo mango sausage. Drool!

Cafeteria 15L
Some local Sacramentians might think me crazy for putting this one on the list, but I swear it's underrated as far as brunch goes. So you know I love them eggs benny, well this place has four different versions! You also can go wrong with any of their skillet dishes.

Make sure to check this place out for dinner too!