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100 Happy Days - Week 05

This summer sure has flown by, but I'm glad I got to have so much fun. Instead of worrying about the future, I tried to enjoy the little moments of life - enjoying the company of friends, good food, and the hubs. Hope you guys have had a great summer too!

+ I got to go kayaking as part of a bachelorette party. It was super fun to go out on the water. Kayaking is a tough workout, but it's also fun to just chill on the kayak. I think next summer I'll try to make a point to go more often.

+ I snagged a cute cupcake to take home for the hubs!

+ Hubs never buys me flowers because he doesn't believe in them so I don't know what happened to change his mind. He bought me some "just because" flowers. I was so shocked!! Even after being together for 5+ years there are still surprises around the corner.

+ I have fallen in love with figs.

+ Had the blessed opportunity to attend another wedding over the summer. It was a beautiful and fun ceremony by Tahoe Lake. I never thought I'd be one to cry at weddings, but I did!

+ Another sweet for my sweet!

+ This summer we didn't do many froyo nights, but we got one in at least! Sometimes a cup of froyo and good company is all you need to unwind.

+ Sometimes work serves these organic ice cream by Three Twins. They're really yummy and a great treat. I love their chocolate flavor, but really they're all good!

+ A 2nd bouquet of flowers?! I'm insanely spoiled! Hubs got me flowers for my birthday.
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