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100 Happy Days - Week 04

The fun continues! I've been having lots of adventures this summer, and it's been really awesome. One of the best summers of my adulthood! So I'm sort of cheating in this challenge. I'm just sharing some pics that remind me of how happy/lucky I am. Enjoy! 

+ My first Yelp event of the summer. Crawdads River Cantina hosted a party on their amazing deck. Although it was a little chilly, the party atmosphere was definitely there. We had some delicious food! Plus I got my Yelp beach towel!

+ I got a new job! Exciting stuff~ Plus I get free catered food twice a week. #spoiled #gettingfat

+ Finally got to try CREAM. It's a cookie ice cream sandwich and they're all over NorCal. Definitely a must try if you're visiting. I got the snickerdoodle + turtle cookie + green tea ice cream.

+ I had two summer weddings to attend this year. I had a fun shopping excursion with my partner in crime. I scored two cute dresses. Plus they were something a little out of my comfort zone in terms of color.

+ I secretly love wrapping presents - OCD. These were some of the wedding presents we were giving. Such pretty wrapping!

+ Hubs and I had a mini date while we were in Half Moon Bay. Had a really delicious dish, crabby cheesy bread. DROOL! I love going on spontaneous dates with hubs.

+  Speaking of food, I finally checked out the annual Garlic Festival in Gilroy. It was awesome! I even got to try some garlic ice cream. I didn't think it was bad, kind of edible.

+ Don't you just love when you GPS takes you on a scenic detour? Hubs and I somehow ended taking the long was home back to Sacramento from SF. Felt like such tourists going across the Golden Gate Bridge.

+ Work treated us out to lunch at Mikuni's - it's a popular upscale sushi chain restaurant in the Sacramento area. I tried their chirashi. The sashimi was really fresh.
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