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10 Day You Challenge - 8 Fears

Heh, so I realized I never finished doing this challenge. I'll just pick up where I left off. Maybe one of my fears is having to finish this post. Haha just kidding.

1. Eyeballs. They're really just fine as they are, but I have a fear of poking my eyeballs out.
2. Being out somewhere without my phone or wallet. I get mini panic attacks if I don't have at least one of the two with me.
3. Getting snuck up on. I scare easily, which my close friends can attest to.
4. Tickles. Tickle attacks are the worst.
5. Birds. They fly and they attack you. Sometimes they'll even poop on you.
6. Driving in the dark. I'm a fine driver. I just mean if I had to drive on an unlit road in the middle of nowhere. That'd be scary!
7. Electricity. Yes, I've been electrocuted before and it's not fun.
8. Spam. I just delete it from my email but I'm suspicious.