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100 Happy Days - Week 02

Okay, so I'm a little behind on posting these. Slowly but surely I'll get through these 100 days!! I think if I could all my pictures would be from my backyard. It's just so easy to take pictures of my plants. Anyways, happy viewing!

+ For a while I was on this wine obsession. I was mostly just buying the cheapest wines I could find. This one is Oak Leaf and it's about $2 from Walmart.

+ I have a blueberry plant that I bought last year. This is the first year that it's blooming for me. I was so happy to see so many little berries. I love blueberries!!

+ I started some veggie seedling in a used egg carton. Can't wait to be eating my own home grown veggies and grilling them.

+ My persimmon tree was blooming too but I didn't know it at first. They kind of bloom in a weird way. First it's a noticeable cluster of leaves then small green bulbs form, and then finally it'll have a flower. So weird!

+ Found this free printable and thought it would be cute to put in the bedroom. Just a reminder to be happy and be grateful.

+ I made those 1000 stars back in high school. My wish was to meet a guy who would love me and help me grow. Wish granted!

+ I bought another Golden Tote. Hehe, just a little treat for myself. I like the Cali bag and the items I got were awesome. More pics on those soon and maybe a review.

+ The dessert from our anniversary dinner. Best mousse bomb ever! I also really love when restaurants write messages like that on the dessert, really makes it that much more special.

+ I recently won a giveaway for The Artwerks. I used my gift to get a new colorful necklace. Great for spring and summer!!

That concludes the 2nd week. Have you started the challenge? It's not too late!
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